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USRA's Tomohiro Oda Contributes to Report on Green House Gas Emissions for Decision Making

Washington, DC—October 4, 2022. The National Academies today released a webinar for the new report, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information for Decision Making, on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Image of National Academies Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information for Decision Making Public Release Webinar banner

National Academies Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information for Decision Making Public Release Webinar banner

Monitoring of greenhouse gas  (GHG) emissions and providing actionable information for climate mitigation is an urgent task to achieve the Paris Climate goal. The NAS fast-track consensus study team conducted a study over the past summer to develop a system for evaluating global anthropogenic GHG information in support of decision making and complete a report. The report examines emerging approaches used to generate GHG information at different scales from global to local scales. The study was done in an accelerated time to inform discussions at COP27 in November 2022.

The common framework developed in this report can be used by decision makers and other users to understand the quality of different types of GHG emissions information and guide the development of more useful and trustworthy information.

Tomohiro Oda, Senior Scientist at Universities Space Research Association, and contributor to the report stated, “While it was no easy task for the committee members to develop a report in a little over two months, it was such an honor to work with this prestigious committee and NAS staff. I am so glad to see the report coming together wonderfully and am excited for the release of the report. I look forward to upcoming opportunities for discussion, especially at COP27 in November”.

Members of the committee will share key takeaways, and there will be an opportunity for audience Q&A.

Learn more about the project by visiting the project webpage. The full report will be available for free download on October 4 at 11am ET.



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