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USRA Scientist Tomohiro Oda Featured in Science Publication, Scientia

Columbia, MD--December 3, 2020.  USRA’s Tomohiro Oda's work was featured in the leading science communication publication Scientia, in an article entitled “Mapping Cities’ Carbon Emissions Through Advanced Data Collection.” 

Image credit: Joshua Stevens/NASA

Image credit: Joshua Stevens/NASA

As global emissions of greenhouse gas continue to rise, researchers need to find out how much greenhouse gas is emitted and absorbed worldwide for global climate change mitigation. Dr. Tomohiro Oda of the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) in Maryland has done so by combining emission data with night-time observations from satellites. Through this work, his team has now produced global maps that distinguish sources of carbon at unprecedented resolutions. Here is the link to the story: https://www.scientia.global/wp-content/uploads/Tomohiro_Oda/Tomohiro_Oda.pdf

DOI : https://doi.org/10.33548/SCIENTIA582