14:23 PM

Hot off the Press--Review of Research and Analysis Programs just published

USRA's Dr. Steve Mackwell chaired the Committee to review NASA's R&A programs

Dr. Steve Mackwell, Corporate Director, Science Programs, Universities Space Research Association, chaired the prestigious Committee on the Review of NASA's Planetary Science Division's Restructured Research and Analysis Programs--a document published recently. The National Academies established this Committee in April 2016 selecting Dr. Mackwell as Chair. 

The purpose for establishing the committee was to determine whether 

  • The range of scope of activities of the Planetary Science Divisions's Research and Analysis  programs adequately support the NASA Strategic Objective for Planetary Science and the Planetary Science Goals Division's Research and Analysis and whether 
  • The Planetary Science and Research and Analysis Goals are appropriately structured to develop the broad base of knowledge and broad range of activities needed to enable new spaceflight missions and to interpret and maximize the scientific return from existing missions. 

The Committee solicited input from major stakeholders and the broader scientific community. It assessed the current structure of the Research and Analysis programs and how well they map to NASA's strategy and to the National Research Council's Planetary Science Decadal Survey and concluded the NASA strategic objectives were adequately supported and that the Planetary Science and Reserach and Analysis Goals are appropriately structured.   For more information, you can reach Dr. Mackwell at at [email protected].