Washington, D.C. ,
09:05 AM

USRA President and Chief Executive Officer's Awards Dinner


On March 27, 2018, serveral members of USRA received the President's awards for theiir outstanding contributions to USRA.  

The Distinguished Service Award went to Mr. Kin Leung, Information Technology Services. Kin Leung has supported USRA technology for 40 years - from a DEC VAX computer to Apple iPhones!

The Individual Excellence Award went to  Dr. Assaf Anyamba, Goddard Earth SciencesTechnology and Research (GESTAR) for his extraordinary contributions  on climate, climate-related diseases, and land degradation—all using satellite data— and has generated broad community interest for its relevance and originality.

The Individual Excellence Award was also awarded to Dr. Jin-Woo Han, Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS). Since joining USRA, Jin-Woo Han has demonstrated exceptional technical leadership, especially in the area of nanoscale vacuum electronics.

The Team Excellence Award went to the Data Cycle System Team, Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). The recipients were Ms. Lan Lin, Ms. Sun Li, Ms. Kaori Nishikida, and Mr. Tomas Lau (pictured left to right).

This past year, the team successfully developed and released several new software tools with capabilities that greatly improve the ease andefficiency of flight planning and observing.