08:08 AM

USRA Announces 2008 Scholarship Winners

The Universities Space Research Association (USRA) is proud to announce the 2008 winners of the annual USRA Scholarships. As the 2008 awardees, USRA's selection committee has chosen an outstanding group of students in physical science and engineering disciplines from colleges across the US. The winners of this year's USRA Scholarships are:

Mr. Daniel Araya, a senior in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, who was awarded the Thomas R. McGetchin Memorial Scholarship.

Ms. Ashley Campbell, a senior in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, who was awarded the John R. Sevier Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Brian Kaplinger, a senior in Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University, who was awarded the James B. Willett Educational Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Edward Schwieterman, a senior in Physics and Space Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology, who was awarded the USRA Education Scholarship

'This program is an excellent example of USRA's efforts supporting education and workforce development in the fields of space science and aerospace technology,' stated Dr. Hussein Jirdeh, USRA's Director of University Relations, 'We are very proud to provide this support to such a talented and promising group of young scholars and future scientists and engineers.'

The USRA Scholarship Program is an annual award program that provides college scholarships to outstanding students who have a career interest in the physical sciences or engineering with an emphasis on space research or space science education. Information on the USRA scholarship program is available here .

The Universities Space Research Association, established in 1969 by the National Academy of Sciences, is a private, nonprofit consortium of 102 universities offering advanced degrees in space- and aeronautics-related disciplines. USRA's mission is to conduct leading-edge research, develop innovative technologies, promote education and policy across the breadth of space science, and operate premier science and technology facilities by involving universities, private industry and government.