07:54 AM

USRA and Case Western Selected to Provide Science and Technology Support to NASA Glenn Research Center

A team led by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and Case Western Reserve University has been selected to provide NASA's Glenn Research Center (GRC), in Cleveland, OH, with science and technology support required to advance understanding of the effects of the space environment on the functioning of space exploration systems.

This effort is headed by Dr. Iwan Alexander, Director of USRA's National Center for Space Exploration Research and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western, and will draw on services and resources provided by a highly qualified team that includes USRA, Case Western, the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Alphaport, Enterprise Advisory Services, Honeybee Robotics, Oak Grove Technologies, Sierra Lobo, Zin Technologies and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

The USRA team will provide GRC with capabilities ranging from fundamental theoretical modeling and experiments to applied research and advanced technology development. Under this contract, USRA will perform research, analysis and testing for technology and system development in fire prevention, detection and suppression, as well as in other technologies necessary to sustain human life in the harsh environment of space. Areas of research include power, environmental control and life support systems, resource utilization and crew health. This work will enable GRC to secure and sustain the specialized capabilities essential to its role in NASA's exploration efforts. The contract will initially involve approximately 30 scientists, engineers and support staff - a number which is expected to increase over the two-year base period. Contract value for the base period is $14 million with a potential total value of $35 million if all options are exercised.

'USRA is extremely proud of our long history of working in close partnership with the Glenn Research Center and of the successful work performed by the National Center for Space Exploration Research,' said Dr. Frederick Tarantino, USRA President. 'USRA will work to bring new capabilities to Glenn to support exploration, while maintaining our record of high quality support. We are very happy to have this opportunity to continue our partnership with both NASA Glenn and Case Western.'

The Universities Space Research Association, founded in 1969, is a private, nonprofit consortium of 102 universities offering advanced degrees in space- and aeronautics-related disciplines. USRA operates programs and institutions focused on research and education in space related science and engineering disciplines.