Columbia, Maryland,
09:04 AM

Experiment developed by USRA alumni scientist now headed to the International Space Station

Dr. Jason Link, previously of USRA served as Co-Investigator on the CREAM project which has had 7 successful Antarctic balloon flights and is expected to launch of a payload based on the balloon instruments to the International Space Station on August 14, 2017. The CREAM for ISS experiment will measure the energy spectra from 10^12 to >10^15 over the elemental range from proton to iron to probe the origin, acceleration and propagation of cosmic-ray particles. CREAM for ISS will also measure high energy electrons looking for local cosmic-ray sources.

While a USRA scientist Dr. Link served as the detector manager, mechanical, integration and test lead of one of the detectors on the CREAM for ISS experiment, the Borated Scintillation Detector (BSD).

The BSD utilizes a piece of boronated scintillator read out by photomultiplier tubes to help distinguish between protons and electrons in the instrument. During the CREAM for ISS mission he will serve as the technical lead for the BSD detector and is responsible for its operation and performance during operation.