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Using Satellites to Study Association between Climate Science and Asthma--Undertaken by Ghassem Asrar and Others

Columbia, MD--July 22,  2020. Dr. Ghassem Asrar, Senior VP of Science at Universities Space Research Association co-authored an article recently published in the Science Updates section of the AGU Journal, EoS. The article entitled “Eyes in the Sky Improve Pollen Tracking” shows how a combination of satellite data, ground based observations, and citizen science networks could help health care practitioners and policymakers benefit from forecast pollen related allergy outbreaks. https://eos.org/science-updates/eyes-in-the-sky-improve-pollen-tracking.

In a related paper, published in JAMA/Network Open 2020;3(7):e207551 (https://jamanetwork.com/), a team of experts, including physicians, public health officials and Dr. Asrar showed how rapid urbanization and climate change affect the health of communities across the globe . 

Their findings suggest that ongoing changes in the timing of spring onset, which are related to urbanization and climate variability and change, are associated with asthma hospitalization. Given the high burden of allergic diseases and the number of individuals sensitized to pollen, these findings serve as a wake-up call to public health and medical communities regarding the need to anticipate and adapt to the ongoing changes in the timing and severity of the spring allergy season.


Association Between Changes in Timing of Spring Onset and Asthma Hospitalization in Maryland