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News from the DPS Conference

USRA was well represented at the 2018 DPS Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, in October 2018. USRA Planetary Scientists presented, authored or co-authored 8 papers/posters.

USRA Booth at the 50th annual DPS meeting Knoxville, Tennessee 2018USRA Booth at the 50th annual DPS meeting Knoxville, Tennessee. Tim Gehringer from USRA Headquarters staffed the Booth. 

The USRA booth featuring materials from USRA and SOFIA, attracted many visitors including several students who were interested in internships and job opportunities. The Press Room was abuzz with activity and held several press conferences.

Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentin, 50th Annual DPS Meeting, Knoxville, Tennessee

Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentin

USRA garnered interviews for Dr. Paul Schenk who was interviewed by Space.com and a freelance reporter interviewed Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentin.

Paul Schenks’ book Enceladus on was on a prominent display among the new releases.

BBC’s Kimberly Bartholomew, interviewed Edgard Rivera-Valentin for a series called “The Planets”—a documentary in five parts expected to be released in early spring in 2019. It is scheduled to be aired on PBS/NOVA. Topics covered the similarities and differences in the following planets in their youth and their evolution as they aged: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn (and its Moons-Titan, Iapetus, and Enceladus) and Jupiter (and the Galilean Moons –Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto).

Dr. Paul Schenk interviewed by Space.comDr. Paul Schenk was interviewed by Space.com reporter Hanneke Weitering