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Kudos to USRA's Dan Gallagher and collaborators for garnering the top honor for the OSIRIS-REx video

Columbia MD--September 12, 2019. Universities Space Research Association’s Daniel Gallagher, producer and editor of the OSIRIS-REx video, “Arriving at Asteroid Bennu,” garnered the first-place award with colleagues for "Production Video" at the 2018 NASA Imagery Experts Group Meeting. Mr. Gallagher received the award along with videographers Robert Andreoli and John Caldwell, who were all were named NASA’s “Videographers of the Year.” The NASA Imagery Experts Group leads the Agency in researching the latest technologies and trends in digital television, web video, and still imagery.

The announcement was made during the National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Broadcasters Conference is the world's largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology with a registered attendance of 91,000 in 2019.

“Arriving at Asteroid Bennu” faced tough competition that included subjects such as Mars Landings and International Space Station Events. This video (above) is also available for streaming at https://youtu.be/OO_nPW-9vsA and for download at  https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/12166

OSIRIS-REx launched in September 2016, arrived at asteroid Bennu in December 2018, and will return to Earth with a priceless sample of Bennu in September 2023. In the time since this award was presented, the spacecraft entered its second orbital phase around Bennu and broke its own record for the closest orbit of a planetary body.

The video includes significant contributions from Goddard’s CI Lab animation studio and the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio. Animators from these two groups provided artist renderings of OSIRIS-REx observing and sampling Bennu, as well as data-driven visualizations for all of the mission’s complex trajectories.