09:12 AM

Just Released--USRA Video

Columbia, MD--August 19, 2020

“Universities Space Research Association: Realizing New Visions” is a video outlining the founding and growth of USRA, from 1969 to the present.

At its inception, USRA’s focus was on supporting the scientific community in research related to lunar samples returned from the Apollo missions. As the civilian space program grew to encompass missions in planetary science, astrophysics, Earth science, microgravity science, heliophysics and other disciplines, USRA worked alongside NASA to fulfill its nonprofit purpose in new ways, and realize NASA Administrator James Webb’s vision of close partnership between NASA and universities.

Video produced by The Casadonte Group LLC / Casadonte Productions with Erin Senoz, USRA

Voice over by Joy Ng, USRA Multimedia Specialist, Producer.