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Eric Becklin's 54 years Adventures in Infrared Astronomy


"Eric Becklin has been at the forefront of infrared astronomy since the mid-1960s," said USRA President and CEO Jeffrey Isaacson. "His leadership within the infrared community has been a guiding force in the proposal and development of SOFIA and in establishing the USRA-operated SOFIA Science Center at NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley."

The American Astronomical Society, AAS, awarded the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship to Eric Becklin, senior science advisor for SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. The lectureship is awarded annually based on "a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research, and for his leadership role in turning infrared astronomy into a fundamental tool for understanding astronomy and astrophysics."

Becklin presented the lecture, "Fifty-four Years of Adventures in Infrared Astronomy," at the AAS winter meeting on January 11. As SOFIA's senior science advisor, Becklin ensures that the telescope and instrument design and operation are meeting the observatory’s goals.

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