13:37 PM

Celebration of Asteroid Day

 USRA scientists in the Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar group celebrated Asteroid Day at the Angel Ramos Science and Visitor Center in Peurto Rico.  From left to right:Luisa F. Zambrano-Marin (Researcher), Carolina Rodriguez Sanchez-Vahamonde (Research Assistant), Flaviane Venditti (Postdoctoral Scientist), Edgard G. Rivera-Valentín (Planetary Scientist), Anne Virkki (Postdoctoral Scientist), Sriram Bhiravarasu (Postdoctoral Scientist), Patrick Taylor (Group Lead for Planetary Radar).


In addition, The Caribbean Astronomical Society joined Arecibo Observatory to help educate visitors on meteorites and how to tell them apart from terrestrial rocks (below left). And Dr. Edgard G. Rivera-Valentín, USRA Planetary Scientist at the Arecibo Observatory talked with WAPA TV on the importance of Arecibo Observatory in the study of near-Earth asteroids and its role in planetary defense (right).