11:54 AM

Articles by USRA's Andrew Sayer Selected as AGU Research Spotlight and featured in ScienceTrends.com


Two  papers by Andrew Sayer (one as lead author, one as co-author) were recently chosen as an "AGU Research Spotlight" and featured on AGU’s EOS magazine. Andrew was also invited by ScienceTrends.com to contribute an article about his research on this topic. To read the article, entitled "Steps Toward A Long-Term Record Of Dust, Smoke And Other Atmospheric Aerosols From Space”, please click on this link: https://sciencetrends.com/steps-toward-long-term-record-dust-smoke-atmospheric-aerosols-space/

Reprinted with Permission of ScienceTrends.com

To see the AGU Research Spotlight, please click on this link: https://eos.org/research-spotlights/new-data-record-extends-history-of-global-air-pollution