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2023 Berkeley Space Tech Career Fair

USRA sponsored the 2023 Space Tech Career Fair at the University of California, Berkeley.  The event was organized under the auspices of the Berkeley NewSpace student group that provides students with tools to succeed in the new space industry. It was a stellar student-led aerospace event that garnered the endorsement UC Berkeley’s Department of Aerospace Engineering.  It took place on October 13 at the iconic Hearst Mining Building on the Berkeley Campus.

photo of Berkeley Space Tech Career Fair banner


The event which involved over 200 participants, was much more than a typical career fair. Attendees had the opportunity to experience a captivating keynote address, an engaging panel discussion on space careers, and a networking/recruitment session tailored to facilitate connections between students and seasoned professionals. More than just an event, it served a vital link between business and engineering in the dynamic aerospace industry. It brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, unveiling opportunities, sharing innovative ideas and contributing to the development of a brighter future for humanity in space.

Dr. David Bell, USRA’s Director of the NASA Academic Mission Services Program (NAMS), delivered a thought-provoking address and the various avenues now open for students through the NAMS Program at NASA’s Ames Research Center.  Dr. Bell underscored the students’ unique advantage in having the prestigious research center, NASA Ames, located in Silicon Valley just 30 miles away (NASA Ames) from the UC Berkeley campus. Additionally, Dr. Bell highlighted the imminent launch of the new Berkeley Space Center in the research park at NASA Ames’s Moffett Field, further enhancing the student’s prospects. Finally, he talked about USRA that has collaborated with NASA Ames continuously for more than 40 years and engages many UC Berkeley students through USRA’s operation of the NAMS program.

A few highlights of alumni who worked for USRA in collaboration with USRA were noted. These included Dr. Will Marshall who founded Planet.com after playing a lead role in the NASA PhoneSat project while working for USRA’s Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS).  Lee Tao, USRA’s Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) from NAMS also hosted a table and spoke with a steady stream of students for more than half the day about opportunities for employment with USRA. 

It was an exciting day for knowledge sharing, networking, and exploration.

Below are some photographs of the event.

October 23, 2023